is a very active and thriving online dating site for plus sized individuals located in the United States. They strive to create an environment that is friendly and welcoming whether someone is looking for true love or just looking for some more friends. The site even has a free browsing section available for those who visit and who want to sign up for an account. Through the Search section on the site, it is possible to look through a selection of members even without signing up and becoming a member.

However, to utilize the full power of the site and to connect with people, you will need to make an account. Still, being able to look at the basics of the profiles is actually quite helpful. However, the site does keep plenty of information hidden from those who do not sign up and become actual members.

The Free Membership

When you sign up for a free membership, you will be able to create a profile on the site and create a short greeting. They have three questions, and by answering them, you are able to describe yourself as well as what you are looking for in a partner. You can also include other information that you find relevant, and you have 1,250 characters to answer each question, which should be plenty of room for most people. They have even more questions you can answer to help round out your personality profile even more.

Those who have free memberships are also able to upload and email photos, upload an audio greeting, a video greeting, send flirts, bookmark members, and search for online profiles. While it does seem to offer quite a bit, there is one drawback to the free membership. Namely, with this type of membership, you are unable to actually communicate with other members.

Getting an Upgraded Membership

Those who have an upgraded membership will have all of the same benefits as those who have a free membership, along with some additional advantages. They can receive and send mail to other members, and they are able to view all flirts sent to them. Another benefit is that they are listed above the free members in the search results. This gives you a better chance of someone finding your profile. As an upgraded member, you will also be able to view the video greetings and hear the audio greetings. Additionally, you can chat via text, audio, and video live with other members.

The cost of the upgraded service varies depending on the length of the membership. The price for a single month is $29.95, although they often have discounts that cut the price in half, all the way to $14.95. The six-month plan is $59.70, which equates to about $9.95 per month. The price of a 12-month membership is $119.95 for the year, which is about $10 per month. When it comes to membership fees, remember that they can change, so always check to see what the current fees are first. Something to keep in mind when upgrading is that the site adds a processing fee to the upgrade. This is a onetime fee and it is generally around $4.

Safety and Privacy

While online dating is a great way to meet people, the site also understands peoples’ need for privacy and additional safety. They allow you to disable message notifications and your online status. You can make sure that your profile only goes out to those who meet your specific criteria. You also have the ability to block members from contacting you and from seeing any of the information on your profile. While dealing with uncouth members is rare, it does happen on many sites. Having this ability to block those people is actually very helpful. Another one of the benefits of the site is the ability to control all of the email alerts you get so they do not become overwhelming.

While this is not the top big and beautiful dating site on the web, it does have some good options and features that might be worth checking out for you, and you might not want to dismiss it outright. It may be a good idea to at least sign up for the free option, browse to see if anyone strikes your interest, and then consider signing up for at least a month if they do.