BBW dating can have its fair share of difficulties. Finding love and friendship does not have to be difficult though. is a quality BBW and BHM dating site that can make it easier to find great connections. The site makes it easy to meet and connect with plus sized men and women as well as those who love them! Thousands of people use this site regularly, and it could be an excellent option for those who are searching for BBWs and BHMs.

They Offer Date Ideas!

One of the other nice features of the site is that they offer a section where members can suggest idea for first date ideas. This is a great area to peruse if you are unsure of where you should take your date. It can help to give you some basic ideas of where you should go, such as the coffee shop or a restaurant. It goes a bit further though and offers suggestions for things such as concerts, lectures, dancing, sightseeing, hiking, and much more. If you are ever stuck for a date idea, whether it’s your first date or your twenty-first date, this section of the site’s actually a perfect place to find some ideas.

Commenting on Photos and Profiles

When you create your account and profile, you have the opportunity to upload photos and add a wealth of information about yourself. By adding information about who you are and what you are looking for, as well as some photos, it makes finding connections that are right for you easier. After you post the photos and start your profile, those who visit and look at the items will be able to comment. You will be able to do the same thing to other members’ profile and photos as well. You can think of it almost as a dating social network.

While the members of the site are generally quite amiable and friendly, there’s always the chance that you could run across a bad seed. If that’s the case, you can hide your profile if needed. You will be able to block a member from contacting you in any way. They will not be able to view your photos, profile, and they will not be able to email you. This is not something most will need, but it’s nice that it’s there in case you do.

What Does Verify Mean?

On the site, verify simply means that you prove your identity by uploading a clear copy of a photo ID. By verifying who you are, it keeps other members safer and ensures that you are serious about using the site to find friends or that someone special. The information is confidential, but other members will be able to see that you are a verified member, and that will often make them feel more at ease contacting you.

Search for the Right Person Easily

The search functions through make finding great matches easier as well. You have a range of different search options to help you narrow the options to those who most closely match what you are looking for in the other person. Body type search is a good example of this. You can choose the body type that interests you the most, enter that into the search, and only those who match that body type will show up in your search results. Many people find that they have great luck in finding good matches when they fully utilize the search function. They can start with age, gender, and zip code, and then narrow their focus, adding items like the aforementioned body types. In addition, they can add lifestyle practices and relationship desires. Trying different combinations in the search function can help you to find your ideal match, or at the very least, some interesting people who might make great friends.

The site has quite a bit of potential, and as mentioned, it is associated with It offers a free sign up so it is easy to get started to see if the site has the features that you need, and then you could sign up for a full membership. It could be a good way to find a great BBW or BHM match.